Day 4 Evening Apostle Arome Osayi – Beware of Balaam

He started his session with a message from God that we should beware of Balaam. He described Balaam as a metaphor to point God’s people to a strategy of the world to turn us against God. He described the prophet Balaam as a soothsayer. A soothsayer can reveal things but that doesn’t [...]

Day 4 Evening Pastor Yemi Davids – The Sound of Speed

Pastor Yemi began his session with a song of worship after which he thanked the senior pastor of The Covenant Nation, Pastor Poju, and his wife, Pastor Toyin, for the opportunity to be on the platform. He started by stating that wisdom is the principal thing and that it is the wisdom of God [...]

Day 4 Afternoon Session Dr Bill Winston – Becoming Miracle-Minded

After a word of prayer, Dr. Bill Winston initiated his session; a message titled “Becoming Miracle Minded, with a reading from Isaiah 8:18 which reveals that God’s people are designed and made for signs and wonders. Citing Ephesians 5:1, he mentioned that we, as children of God [...]

Day 4 Afternoon Pastor Nkechi Ene – Discerning The Sounds Part 2

Pastor Nkechi Ene started by doing a recap of her previous teaching while she read from the major text used in the message (1 Corinthians 14:6-12). She went on to reveal that God is willing to deepen his relationship with you. Continuing her previous thought, the sixth thing to know is that an [...]

Day 4 Morning Session Dr Mensa Otabil – The works of man and the acts of God Pt 2

A continuation of yesterday’s message, with the theme “The works of man and the acts of God”. According to pastor Mensa, there are things that we have to do for God to act. Pastor Mensa read Joshua 10 vs 11- 15 which describes the war between Israel and the Amorites.  He [...]

Day 3 Evening Dr Mensa Otabil – The Works of Man and the Acts of God Part 1

Dr. Mensa introduced his message by stating that he was going to show us what we need to create a balance of our role in what God wants to do. God requires that we do something before he acts.  He examined the concepts of grace and works in reference to the apostle’s Paul and [...]

Day 3 Evening Session Pastor Nkechi Ene – Discerning The Sounds

Bible Text: Ezekiel 13:2, 1 Corinthians 14:6-7 Pastor Nkechi thanked Pastor Poju for inviting her to WAFBEC as it has opened her up to speaking in other places after the last WAFBEC. She started the session by explaining that there are 2 kinds of sound – physical and mental. And God [...]

Day 3 Afternoon Pastor Poju Oyemdade – Releasing Your Faith By Speaking To Things

Pastor Poju Oyemade started by emphasising that the key to entering into the miraculous is in the collective. He quoted from John 7:38 which speaks of every man coming to Jesus to drink. To explain what it means to come to drink, he read from Isaiah 55 vs 1-2 and pointed out that you drink […]

Day 3 Afternoon Pastor Andy Osakwe

To kick off the second round of Day 3’s afternoon preaching Pastor Andy Osakwe commenced his session by instructing us to laugh prophetically as an offensive weapon and a defense against the devil. Building on his previous session with Isaiah 60:1-5 as the anchor scripture, he establishes [...]

Day 3 Afternoon Pastor Segun Obadje

Pastor Obadje started by revealing what he was told in the place of prayer about the symbolism of WAFBEC. He then went on to explain what an altar is. He defined it as a place of exchange, a place of interaction, a place of sacrifice. After this, he likened WAFBEC to a prophetic altar. [...]