Day 6 Afternoon Pastor Yemi Davids – The Sound of Blessing

Pastor Yemi Davids started his message by establishing the importance of wisdom in the life of any believer. He stated that wisdom is knowing what to do before the event, while regret is knowing what to do after the event. Sometimes people confuse the two. We must crave God’s wisdom [...]

Day 6 Afternoon Pastor Muyiwa Areo

He started by reading from John 12:28-29 and he revealed that it is possible to be unable to decode correctly what we heard in the spirit. This is seen in the witnesses saying they heard an angel even though it was God speaking and not an Angel as they thought. Just as they lacked this […]

Day 6 Morning Apostle Grace Lubega – The Power of Positioning

Apostle Lubega titled his message “The  power of positioning.” He took his opening text from Ephesians 3:7-9. The gift of grace in our life qualifies our ministry. Apostle Grace Lubega began his message by saying that our ministry is to make all men see whether in teaching, preaching, [...]

Day 6 Morning Apostle Joshua Selman – The Pattern for Growth and Stature

He started by recognising Apostle Lubega. He sang and established that it was not about singing, but atmospheres are required to draw on the manifestation of the power of God. He commended the efforts of the Pastor in putting together a conference like this. He asserted that people should [...]

Day 5 Evening Dr Bill Winston – Becoming Miracle Minded

Dr. Bill began his session by reading from Isaiah 8, Ephesians 5: 1, and John 14:12-14. He taught that we are to imitate God, love like God, and dominate like God. He reiterated from yesterday that the bible is a miracle book, reading John 21:25 and Matthew 15:30 which talks about the miracles [...]

Day 5 Evening Pastor John Hannah

Pastor John started his session by honoring the visionary of WAFBEC, Pastor Poju, and his wife, Pastor Toyin.  He began his sermon by reading Psalms 42, written by David when he was in a place of desperation and anguish. He was coming from a place where he didn’t need to apply for jobs [...]

Day 5 Afternoon Apostle Joshua Selman – The Voice of God

Apostle Selman started his message by introducing his message title – The Voice of God. His first passage of the Bible is Psalm 29:5-9. After this, he then read from Ezekiel 43:1-2. He began on the note that the Bible is so clear on the fact that the faith life of the believer is designed [...]

Day 5 Morning Session Dr David Ogbueli Five Laws of The Prophetic

Dr David’s  session, the second  session in the morning started with a prayer for clarity. He stated that some things are constant in life while some change, but never change the constant.  He then continued with his teaching on the five laws of the prophetic, the [...]

Day 5 Morning Session Pastor Nkechi Ene – The Sound of a New Day

Pastor Nkechi Ene started with Thanksgiving to God for all he has done for us. She thanked pastor Poju and WAFBEC geng. This preaching is the continuation of yesterday’s preaching titled thanksgiving through life given sounds. There are different kinds of sounds. she asked, has anyone [...]

Day 4 Evening Dr David Ogbueli – Activating The Prophetic

Ministering at Wafbec for the first time, Dr. David Ogbueli started by thanking Pastor Poju Oyemade for inviting him. He introduced his sermon by mentioning that the supernatural has three dimensions. “The entrance level is faith, the next is the spirit realm – the anointing, and the [...]