Day 5: Session 2 – Pastor  Matthew Ashimolowo

In his first session at WAFBEC 2016, Pastor Matthew Ashimolow preached a sermon titled – I Am Too Loaded To Fail When we look at our lives from God’s perspective, it becomes clear that we are too loaded to fail.We were born damaged by the sin of Adam but when we come to Christ, all […]

Day 5: Session 1- Rev. Mark Hankins

Philemon vs 6 Our faith can become contagious by our acknowledgement of every good thing in Christ Jesus such that everyone who meets us will learn from us what it is to be ‘In Christ’. ‘In Christ’ is the signature of the gospel of Jesus and of the Apostle Paul. These two words lets the [...]

Day 4: Holy Ghost Service – Bishop Francis Wale Oke

Bishop Francis Wale Oke. took to the WAFBEC podium for his first Holy Ghost service with prophetic declarations, Word of knowledge and the move of the Holy Spirit. Bishop began his ministration by giving a word of knowledge of a tall fair skinned married lady, saying she will conceive and give [...]

Day 4: Session 7 – Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Pastor Odukoya began his first session at WAFBEC 2016 with a sermon titled: Are you ready for what you are pulling at? The theme scripture was taken from John 6: 1-14 He prophetically declared that the time of Covenant Christian Centre has come, because there is a new wave in town. Pastor [...]

Day 4: Session 5 – Pastor Cyril Yerifor

The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ- Part 2 Pastor Yerifor began the second installment of his message by reading through 1 Corinthians 15: 1-17; with the unwavering standpoint that the potency of our faith is in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He [...]

Day 4: Session 5 – Pastor Inyang Okutiyang

TOPIC: David and Goliath – Defeating Your Giants! Pastor Inyang  did a quick recap of the story he had shared during his first session at WAFBEC 2016. He once had a car with a CD player in his car that was designed like a stereo player, but didn’t know or believe that it could play […]

Day 4: Session 4 – Bishop FEB Idahosa

Bishop Faith Emmanuel Benson Idahosa or Bishop Feb as he’s fondly called brought a strong message of faith in keeping with this year’s theme of GRACE FOR ACCELERATION. It was a two part message, with the first one simply titled FAITH TO ACCELERATE THROUGH STORMS. What is faith? He asked. We [...]

Day 4: Session 2 – Rev Mark Hankins

The Spirit of Faith In 2 Corinthians 2:13, Apostle Paul, quoting King David in Psalm 116:10 wrote that “I spoke because I believed.” In the same spirit of faith, we also speak because we believe. It is that same spirit that Abraham had. Same with Joshua, David, Paul, and all the people who [...]

Day 4: Session 1 – Pastor Trina Hankins

With emphasis on the power of speaking, Pastor Trina Hankins’ message on Praying in the Spirit set the ball rolling on Day Four of WAFBEC 2016. Against the backdrop of Dodie Osteen’s miraculous healing from cancer of the liver through the words of her mouth, Pastor Trina explained that our [...]

Day 3: Holy Ghost Meeting – Pastor Mark & Trina Hankins

The River The feast of fat things grew to a whole new level with tonight’s joyful celebration. Rev Mark Hankins referred to tonight’s meeting as a “drinking meeting”. Rev Trina Hankins ministered two powerful songs: “You turned my Mourning into Dancing” and “Out of Your Belly [...]