Dr David Ogbueli on the “Faith to do the Impossible”

  The second day at Wofbec 2024 opened with a powerful session led by Minister Dr. David Ogbueli. Expressing gratitude to Pastor Poju Oyemade for his significant contributions to the Christian community, he delved into profound insights on faith and its role in achieving the seemingly [...]

Pastor Poju speaks on the Healing Power of the Communion at Wofbec Evening Session

In the second evening session of WOFBEC 2024, Pastor Poju Oyemade delved into a profound exploration of “The Healing Power of the Communion.” Drawing inspiration from Dr. Robert’s teachings on the point of contact with God’s power, Pastor Poju illuminated the concept of [...]

Pastor Andy Osakwe’s Inspiring Message at WOFBEC 2024 Evening Session

In a captivating evening session at WOFBEC 2024, Pastor Andy Osakwe took the pulpit to deliver a message resonating with the theme of hope and faith. Under the context of “the works of faith” he anchored his teachings on the crucial role of hope in navigating the challenges of 2024. Pastor [...]

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo explores “Faith That Moves Mountains” at WOFBEC 2024

In the second afternoon session of WOFBEC 2024, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo took center stage to deliver a powerful message on “Faith That Moves Mountains.” The minister began with a profound announcement, emphasising that faith is not a force that moves God; rather, it is a force that [...]

Pastor Yemi Davids speaks at WOFBEC 2024 on Faith in God’s Covenant

Pastor Yemi Davids took the stage for the Afternoon Session at WOFBEC 2024, igniting the atmosphere with a compelling message titled “Faith in God’s Covenant.” Drawing insights from various scriptures, including Genesis 26:1, Genesis 26:12, Hebrews 6:12-16, Galatians 3:27-29, 1 [...]

Dr. Osakwe unveils transformative insights at WOFBEC 2024

Dr. Osakwe commenced his session by expressing gratitude to Pastor Poju Oyemade for his inspirational teachings, acknowledging the continuous learning he gains from Pastor Poju’s preaching. Foundations of Faith: Believing in the Power of the Gospel Launching into his sermon with a [...]

Pastor Poju Oyemade on “The ABC of Faith”

The WOFBEC 2024 conference kicked off with an impactful morning session. Pastor Poju Oyemade took the stage as the keynote speaker, exploring the theme, “The ABC of Faith” with reference to Mark 11:23. He emphasized the crucial elements of faith: Agree, Believe, and Confess. [...]

Day 7 Evening Grand Finale Pastor Poju Oyemade

He started by reading from the book of Job 14:7-9. Describing the picture of restoration that this passage paints, Pastor Poju emphasized the need for the congregation to continuously water the seed of the word that they have heard at WAFBEC. This will ensure that the life that was restored (by [...]

Day 6 Evening Apostle Joshua Selman – Sound The Alarm

Apostle Selman began his session by saying the assignment of faith is to give an expression for that which is on the earth. He mentioned some things that must be present for God‘s visitation: Encounters Transformation Power of God and His Love Impartation Fellowship He said there are seven [...]

Day 6 Evening Apostle Grace Lubega – Beginning From The End

Apostle Grace mounted the pulpit and thanked Pastor Poju and his wife for the privilege to speak on the exalted platform. He began his session by reading John 18: 37 after he explained that Jesus came from the end of things. This means that Jesus lived his life depending on what was already [...]