Dr Creflo Dollar shares on The Power of God’s Mercy Day 7 Afternoon Session 2

Dr Creflo Dollar during his session read from Psalm 145:9-8. From the text, Dr Dollar mentioned that God’s mercy is transformative. He went on to give 3 definitions of God’s mercy. In the first definition, he defined God’s mercy as compassion or forgiveness shown by somebody who has the [...]

Mercy Over Merit – Pastor Kingsley Okonwo Day 7 Morning Session 2

There are Christians whose judgemental spirit has restrained from receiving God’s mercy. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo established this while preaching at WAFBEC today. There is power in narrating stories, he said; even Jesus used a lot of illustration because while you may forget prophecies you [...]

The Keys To Experience Supernatural Help And Mercy – Pastor Sola Fola-Alade Day 6 Evening Session 1

There is a prophetic anointing on Pastor Sola Fola-Alade that the body of Christ needs to tap into, and this was made manifest at his session this evening. Pastor Sola started the sermon this evening establishing that there is no point telling the people what God can do without showing them [...]

The Sound of Prayer – Pastor John Hannah Day 6 Morning Session 2

Speaking at what will be his final session at WAFBEC 2022, Pastor John Hannah spoke on the topic he tagged The Sound of Prayer. He reasoned that the subject of prayer is so important even in the times of old that the disciples had to ask Jesus to teach them how to pray. Luke 11:10 […]

Shout Until It Shakes – Pastor Keion Henderson Day 6 Afternoon Session 1

Pastor Keion Henderson began his last session at WAFBEC 2022 reading from Acts 16:16- 28. He explained that the session was not a sermon, because he had used his other sessions to preach, but a command from God. “The next time you find yourself in trouble shout until it shakes”, he said. In [...]

Bishop Feb Idahosa Speaks On The Table God Has Prepared For Us – Day 6 Afternoon Session 2

Bishop Feb started by reading Psalm 23 and decreed a blessing upon the congregation based on the last verse. Focusing on verse 5, he talked about table the misconceptions that people have about this table. He then revealed that the table is actually a table for us and God. He called it a table [...]

Levels and Dimensions of the Power of God’s Mercy – Pastor Andy Osakwe Day 6 Morning Session 1

The first morning session of WAFBEC day six was insightful. Pastor Andy Osakwe the Senior Pastor of Summit Bible Church Abuja taught on the Levels and Dimensions of the Power of God’s Mercy. He started his teaching by explaining that while there are different levels each level has different [...]

Pastor John Speaks on The Sound of Worship – Day 5 Evening Session 2

Pastor John Hannah started by giving the audience a prophetic word about what they were waiting on God for years. After this, he gave praise to God and carried the congregation along in his exhortation of the Most High. He started his message proper with the book of Exodus 3 and he mentioned [...]

The Dysfunction of Destiny – Pastor keion Henderson Day 5 Morning Session 1

He began by commending Pastor Poju Oyemade for being such an astute individual both in the kingdom and in the secular world before he began to deliver what the Lord has laid on his heart to share with the congregation at WAFBEC 2022. You can tell Pastor Keion Henderson has a special love for [...]

What Do You Have To Go Through To See God Glorified? – Pastor John Hannah Day 5 Morning Session 2

Pastor John Hannah started his session with a recap from yesterday’s message; reaffirming again that when the enemy comes, we are to confront him with the word of God spoken. He said oil and flesh don’t mix, the more anointed one is, the more of God we should see. He admonished that we must [...]