WAFBEC 2019 (Day 8) Closing Night with PASTOR ‘POJU OYEMADE

Like they say, “It’s a wrap”. Tonight was glorious just like it was when Moses brought down the ten commandments. It was also strategic, as Pastor ‘Poju explained the need to allow God’s word (over these past 7 days) to be mixed with joy and faith so that it can bear fruit. He [...]

WAFBEC 2019 (Day 8) Afternoon Session 2 with Dr Samuel Patta

  So also was Dr. Samuel Patta’s final session at WAFBEC 2019. His entire message centered on maintaining a close relationship with God in other to be fruitful. He read John 15:2-5 and advised the people to align themselves to God as He expects fruit from them. Speaking about having a [...]

WAFBEC 2019 (Day 8) Afternoon Session 1 with Pastor Mark Baker

“Hallelujah. I love your leader. You can tell he has a good relationship with God. Let’s give him a round of applause. This is the day the lord has made and we will rejoice in it. I feel so much at home and really don’t want to leave here. The hospitality has been awesome”, were […]

WAFBEC 2019 (Day 8) Morning Session 2 with Bishop Keith Butler

After Dr. Bill Winston’s session, we had the very Bishop Keith Butler. In the past seven days at this event, several ministers have been able (with the teachings) to touch different areas that pertains to living a holistic Christian life – faith, love, healing, relationships or [...]

WAFBEC 2019 Day 8 Morning Session 1 With Dr Bill Winston

In his last session at WAFBEC 2019, Dr. Bill Winston concluded his series on “The Faith That Takes”. He started with same verses of scripture he had used throughout his sessions at WAFBEC 2019 – Mark 11:12-15, 19 – 24 His message that morning centred the story of the colt tied [...]


This evening, Dr. Bill Winston spoke on the steps to freedom. The first, he told the congregation, was to receive information from God via revelation. He said that revelation is key to receive the manifestation of God’s promises and afterwards comes meditation. “According to Joshua 1:8, [...]

WAFBEC 2019 (Day 7) Evening Session 1 With Bishop Keith Butler

The first evening session was graced by Bishop Keith Butler, the Senior Pastor of Word Of Faith International Center. Tonight, the Bishop taught on the power of the seed, explaining that great results comes when you obey the word of the Lord. His first scripture was taken from the book of Luke [...]

WAFBEC 2019 (Day 7) Afternoon session 2 with Dr Samuel Patta

It was a honour to have Dr. Samuel Patta again at WAFBEC. His first topic for this year’s event was “Align yourself to God, His will and purpose”. Sharing an experience of how God grew his church from eighty members to thousands, with diverse locations, he encouraged the congregation to [...]

WAFBEC 2019 (Day 7) Afternoon session 1 with Pastor Mark Baker

It was Pastor Mark Baker’s first time at WAFBEC. He gave honour to Pastor Poju Oyemade and his wife, Toyin Oyemade. He started from Hebrews 11:1 (though his foundational scriptural was Josh. 1: 8) and spoke that faith means doing things God’s way. It is drawn from the word of God to produce [...]

WAFBEC 2019 (Day 7) – Morning Session 2 with Bishop Keith Butler

Bishop Keith’s message this morning had so much revelation, in the sense that, they were insights into the glorious riches that God had put in us Christians. If after you have heard the full message, you will be better equipped, spiritually, to manifest the grace of God in you into tangible [...]