Day 3: Session 2 – Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

The Importance of Meditation (1 Thessalonians 2:17) As Christians, we must understand that there is spiritual warfare going on over our lives. To get into the fullness of God’s blessings, we must fight this warfare with conscious preparation and ruthless determination. We must remember [...]

Day 3 – Session 1: Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

Text: I Thessalonians 2:17 -18 Paul had longed to physically visit the brethren in Thessalonica as he always had them on his mind. He later recognized that the repetition of being unable to visit the church was because Satan had hindered him. It was evident that Satan had been left unchecked [...]

Day 2: Holy Ghost Service – Rev. Mark Hankins

We believe, so we receive. We believe and so we rejoice. Faith is an act. How would you act when you have the things you ask for? Act that way even now. Smith Wigglesworth was a man through whom several people were raised from the dead by the Holy Ghost. Lester Sumrall once asked him how he [...]

Day 2: Holy Ghost Service- Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

  The Word brings joy into our lives. There’s a difference between joy and singing, but we can break into joy through singing. We see in the parable of the sower that joy causes growth; it was when they got offended by affliction and joy stopped that they withered. The results that come [...]

Day 2: Session 5- Pastor Inyang Okutiyang

  KILLING THE GIANT IN YOUR LIFE The account of David in 1st Samuel 17: 1-26 shows us that we will be faced with series of challenges in life but God will never leave or forsake us. Usually, the devil attacks when we are doing something wrong or when we are doing right. Goliath is a […]

Day 2: Session 1- Pastor Trina Hankins

Day 2: Session 1- Pastor Trina Hankins

Meditating on God’s Word In the United States, most people associate meditation with eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but this is not correct. Meditation as a biblical practice existed thousands of years before it became popular on the platform of other religions. [...]

Day 2: Session 2 – Rev. Mark Hankins

Day 2: Session 2 – Rev. Mark Hankins

The Fundamentals of Faith ( Mark 11:22-24 KJV) We are designed to live by faith as Christians, and we must seek to understand how to achieve this. Faith is the solution irrespective of what you face. Any man can be changed by faith no matter how bound he is. Faith has two essential parts, [...]

Day 1, Holy Ghost Service – Rev. Mark Hankins

Reverend Mark Hankins kicked off the first Holy Ghost service of WAFBEC 2016 by handing over the first minutes to his wife Trina to minister in her characteristic manner of song and prophetic utterances. When she was done he gave his sermon title as Joy in the Holy Ghost. Romans 14:17, Acts [...]

Day 1: WAFBEC 2016 Opening Remarks – Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

Pastor ‘Poju took a few minutes to share on the best way to reap the best results from the West African Faith Believers’ Convention that kicked off today at the Covenant Place, Iganmu. Quoting Psalm 63: 4-6 he pointed out how David did not give sleep his eyes in order for him to meditate on [...]

Day 8: Holy Ghost Service – Rev Scott Webb

The final session of WAFBEC 2015 was the Holy Ghost service with Rev Scott Webb teaching and countless manifestations of the Holy Spirit throughout the service. Reading from 1 Cor 2: 1-5 where Paul stated that he didn’t come in human wisdom but in spirit and in power. He noted that [...]