Pastor Poju speaks on the Healing Power of the Communion at Wofbec Evening Session

In the second evening session of WOFBEC 2024, Pastor Poju Oyemade delved into a profound exploration of “The Healing Power of the Communion.” Drawing inspiration from Dr. Robert’s teachings on the point of contact with God’s power, Pastor Poju illuminated the concept of communion as a potent means of connecting with the divine.

He began by emphasising the significance of a point of contact, drawing an analogy to a switch that serves as a contact to the power producing electricity. Pastor Poju pointed out that every form of power on Earth has a specific point where contact can be made, and individuals determine their points of contact.

Referencing instances from the ministry of Jesus, Pastor Poju highlighted the woman with the issue of blood, who determined her point of contact by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. He also mentioned the Roman centurion, who initially set his point of contact as Jesus coming to him but later changed it to Jesus’ spoken word.

Unpacking the different points of contact in scripture, Pastor Poju listed “the spoken word of God” as the first, followed by “anointing oil,” “laying on of hands,” and finally, “the communion.”

However, Pastor Poju cautioned against approaching the communion carelessly, citing 1 Corinthians 11:29-30. He pointed out that disrespecting the communion can lead to weaknesses and illnesses, as demonstrated in the Corinthian church’s experience.

Drawing parallels with the Passover in Exodus 12:3-13, Pastor Poju highlighted how God instructed His people to apply the blood of the lamb to their doors for protection. He emphasised that the lamb’s flesh served as strength during the journey, and none of them were feeble.

Expanding on the symbolism of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, Pastor Poju explained that partaking in the communion, representing the body and blood of Christ, imparts life to the believer.

Pastor Poju touched on the principle that true worshippers are the first partakers of God’s promises, referencing Hebrews 6:5. He recounted the story of the Canaanite woman in Matthew 22:15, emphasising that worship opens the door to divine favour.

In his conclusion, Pastor Poju referenced Proverbs 23:16, urging the church to embrace worship. He conveyed the message that worship feeds the inner man, nourishes the outer man, and brings beauty outward. As the congregation partook in the communion that evening, Pastor Poju declared a pardon for all mistakes, ushering in a new beginning for those who embraced worship.

The evening session left attendees with a deep appreciation for the healing power embedded in the communion and a renewed understanding of the significance of worship in connecting with God’s promises.