Pastor Poju Oyemade on “The ABC of Faith”

The WOFBEC 2024 conference kicked off with an impactful morning session. Pastor Poju Oyemade took the stage as the keynote speaker, exploring the theme, “The ABC of Faith” with reference to Mark 11:23. He emphasized the crucial elements of faith: Agree, Believe, and Confess. Participants were reminded that voicing one’s beliefs is fundamental, as what has not heard your voice will not respond. The speaker highlighted that the real obstacle to be overcome is not external but internal—specifically, the mountain of unbelief.

The Role of Prayer in Faith

Pastor Oyemade underscored the importance of prayer in the ecosystem of faith. Drawing from Matthew 17:16-21, he explained that faith is inseparable from the spoken word. He emphasised the significance of hearing directly from God to cure unbelief, citing Romans 10:17. The audience was encouraged to recognise the distinction between faith coming from preaching and the specific, personalised revelation (Rhema) that comes through prayer.

Receiving Rhema: The Heart of Faith

Expanding on the concept of Rhema, Pastor Oyemade elucidated that faith is meant to be used to receive only what Grace has provided. Drawing inspiration from Romans 4:1-5 (MSG), he highlighted that obedience to God initiates the journey of faith. Participants were urged to align themselves with God’s plan for their lives and trust in the solutions provided by His grace.

Navigating Challenges through Faith

Pastor addressed the common experience of stagnancy and challenges, asserting that such situations signal God’s call to move into a new dimension of His provision. Quoting 1 Corinthians 2:12, He illustrated that God’s plans may seem impossible initially but are achievable through faith-driven actions and words. He emphasized that the loss of one thing can pave the way for something far better, referencing Romans 8:20-27.

Creating Ideas that Transform: A Christian’s Legacy

Pastor Oyemade challenged attendees to see beyond immediate blessings and consider their legacy as Christians. He asserted that God desires believers to generate ideas that transform and create wealth. Quoting Romans 5:1-2 (MSG), he encouraged participants to open themselves up to God, enter into the unforced rhythms of grace, and experience accelerated success.

The Biggest Idol: Self

In addressing the concept of idolatry, Pastor Oyemade pointed out that self-centeredness is the biggest idol. He cautioned against relying solely on personal efforts (“sweat”) and emphasised the need for an altar in preaching the gospel. Participants were reminded that sacrifices made for God yield multiple-fold returns, and faith should be directed towards what God has revealed.

Conscious Minority: Following God’s Unique Path

Closing his session, Pastor Oyemade highlighted the importance of following the path God has specifically designed for each individual. Quoting Romans 11:5-11, he urged attendees not to approach God with a ‘closed door’ but to seek His unique calling for their lives. The speaker emphasized that ministry should align with God’s calling rather than following predefined pathways.

In summary, the WOFBEC 2024 Day 1 Morning Session provided deep insights into the practical aspects of faith, urging participants to align their words and actions with God’s revealed plan for their lives. The emphasis on prayer, obedience, and a unique walk with God resonated throughout, challenging attendees to move beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary through unwavering faith.

You can watch all of Day 1’s sessions on the Wofbec’s YouTube Channel here