Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo explores “Faith That Moves Mountains” at WOFBEC 2024

In the second afternoon session of WOFBEC 2024, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo took center stage to deliver a powerful message on “Faith That Moves Mountains.” The minister began with a profound announcement, emphasising that faith is not a force that moves God; rather, it is a force that moves mountains.

Addressing the congregation, Pastor Kingsley highlighted the proactive nature of God, asserting that God is not reactive to our circumstances. He encouraged believers not to approach God as if He is unaware of their challenges, emphasising the need for the church to reassess its teachings and guide individuals in understanding their identity and possessions in Christ.

Drawing from John 3:16, Pastor Kingsley underscored that love is the catalyst that moves God. He explained that positioning oneself to move first impacts one’s attitude, echoing the divine model where God’s love prompted Him to give first, paving the way for believers to receive.

Pastor Kingsley emphasised that believers can never out-ask God because His giving nature always surpasses our requests. He encouraged the congregation to recognise that all things have been approved from God’s end, referencing Hebrews 4:14-15, which affirms that everything pertaining to life and godliness has received divine approval.

Delving into practical guidance, he urged believers to discern when to rebuke and when to speak, referencing Jesus’ proficiency in addressing situations through His spoken words. To parents, he offered a valuable insight, advising them to rebuke negative traits in their children and instead speak wisdom into their lives, citing James 1:5-6.

Quoting from Job 1 and 3:35, Pastor Kingsley emphasized that believers possess more than they may realise, and the adversary is keenly aware of this truth. He referred to Philemon 1:6-7, expressing concern that Christians often have a wealth of resources but may remain unaware of their abundance.

Highlighting the spiritual assets believers possess, Pastor Kingsley outlined several key points:

  1. Authority: Drawing from Luke 10:19, he reminded the congregation of their authority.
  2. Favour: Quoting Psalm 5:12, he encouraged believers to expect favour.
  3. Help: Citing Psalm 46:1, he reassured the audience of divine assistance.
  4. Protection and Angelic Assistance: Referring to Psalm 91, he stressed the divine protection available to believers.
  5. Righteousness: Quoting 2 Corinthians 5:21, he emphasised the righteousness believers possess.
  6. Blessings: Pastor Kingsley affirmed the blessing upon believers.
  7. Open Doors: Referring to Mark 4:26, he assured the congregation of the doors that God opens.

In conclusion, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo invited the attendees to declare their possessions in Christ Jesus and to make positive pronouncements into the year 2024. The session left the congregation empowered with a renewed understanding of their spiritual inheritance and equipped with faith that moves mountains.

You can watch all of Day 1’s sessions on the Wofbec’s YouTube Channel here