Pastor Andy Osakwe’s Inspiring Message at WOFBEC 2024 Evening Session

In a captivating evening session at WOFBEC 2024, Pastor Andy Osakwe took the pulpit to deliver a message resonating with the theme of hope and faith. Under the context of “the works of faith” he anchored his teachings on the crucial role of hope in navigating the challenges of 2024.

Pastor Andy Osakwe began by emphasising the vitality of hope in sustaining life, drawing from John 3:15. He urged the congregation to cultivate a sense of hope, a powerful force that can carry them through the uncertainties of the coming year.

Referring to Isaiah 53:1-3, Pastor Osakwe highlighted the comprehensive healing provided by Jesus. Every known sickness, he asserted, was borne by Jesus. Encouraging the audience, he urged them to envision their ailments being carried away by the redemptive work of Christ. If Jesus has taken away the burdens, he challenged, it is illegal for those afflictions to persist.

Pastor Osakwe prompted the congregation to engage in visualisation, encouraging them to picture their businesses flourishing and new streams of income materialising. Drawing inspiration from Acts 14:7-10 and Romans 1:16, he emphasised the need to break free from limitations imposed by others’ imaginations.

A powerful moment ensued as Pastor Osakwe led the congregation in declarations, affirming their faith. The declarations included assertions such as having the God-kind of faith in their spirits, the ability to believe in the God class, and an unwavering commitment to trust in God’s promises without doubt.

Pastor Osakwe expounded on the three main works of faith: mental action, verbal action, and physical action. Emphasising the importance of these actions, he stressed that without works, faith remains dormant and yields no tangible results.

In wrapping up the session, Pastor Andy Osakwe called on the congregation to activate their faith through decisive mental, verbal, and physical actions. He left them with a charge to carry the flame of hope into 2024, reminding them that with faith, there are no limits.

The Evening Session with Pastor Andy Osakwe left attendees invigorated and equipped with the tools of hope and faith to face the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the coming year.

You can watch all of Day 1’s sessions on the Wofbec’s YouTube Channel here