Dr. Osakwe unveils transformative insights at WOFBEC 2024

Dr. Osakwe commenced his session by expressing gratitude to Pastor Poju Oyemade for his inspirational teachings, acknowledging the continuous learning he gains from Pastor Poju’s preaching.

Foundations of Faith: Believing in the Power of the Gospel

Launching into his sermon with a powerful scripture from Romans 1:16-17, Dr. Osakwe emphasised the necessity of belief to tap into the power of the gospel. He stressed that personal conviction, rather than second-hand faith, is the key to living by faith. The righteousness of God, he explained, is unveiled through the gospel, aligning individuals with God’s standards.

Navigating Personal Assignments: Unveiling God’s Perfect Will

Dr. Osakwe delved into the idea that everyone has a unique assignment, cautioning against confusing one’s path with others. He urged attendees to seek and discover the perfect will of God for their lives to experience true righteousness and live rightly.

Addressing Unbelief and Speaking Positive Words

Identifying two types of unbelief—ignorance and an evil heart of unbelief—Dr. Osakwe highlighted the detrimental effects of the latter, urging the congregation to be people of faith. He emphasized the power of words, encouraging the audience to speak positively over the nation, believing that God would use their words to bring about positive change.

Six Prophetic Declarations for 2024

Dr. Osakwe shared six prophetic insights for the year 2024, ranging from the end of chronic situations to strategic alignments for destiny fulfillment. He urged the congregation to anticipate relief from emotional and physical pain, as well as unexpected financial offers. He prophesied the removal of unseen forces causing stagnation and even declared a divine reversal of a death sentence.

Faith in Action: Responsibility and Participation

Continuing his session, Dr. Osakwe emphasised the role of faith in raising the standard for those born of the spirit. He conveyed that while grace is God’s responsibility, faith requires active participation from believers. Quoting 2 Corinthians 5:17, he emphasized the transformative nature of faith that makes all things new.

Accessing Faith Through Grace: The Daniel Principle

Drawing inspiration from the story of Daniel in the lion’s den (Daniel 6:22-24), Dr. Osakwe explained how faith enables grace to work for believers. He reiterated that God discriminates based on faith, not external factors such as age, tribe, or color.

The Essence of Faith Through Prayer

Connecting faith with prayer, Dr. Osakwe quoted passages from 1 John 5:3-4 and emphasized the need to build on faith through prayer. He highlighted the divine nature of faith that believers possess and encouraged them to move into the realm of possibilities by aligning their beliefs with God’s promises.

Actions of Faith: Decision, Repentance, and Works

Dr. Osakwe concluded by outlining three essential actions of faith: making a decision to believe, repenting of unbelief, and doing the works of faith. Quoting James 2:18-27, he stressed that faith without corresponding actions is dead.

Miraculous Healing: Culmination of Faith

The session reached a powerful climax as Dr. Osakwe drew inspiration from Acts 14:7-10, illustrating the story of a crippled man healed by Paul’s words. Inviting those with sickness or pain to jump up eight times and believe in their healing, the hall resonated with screams and shouts of deliverance as attendees received healing and expressed gratitude.

Dr. Osakwe’s session on Day 1 at WOFBEC 2024 left attendees with not only profound insights into faith but also a tangible experience of its transformative power through the miraculous healing that transpired.

You can watch all of Day 1’s sessions on the Wofbec’s YouTube Channel here