Dr David Ogbueli on the “Faith to do the Impossible”


The second day at Wofbec 2024 opened with a powerful session led by Minister Dr. David Ogbueli. Expressing gratitude to Pastor Poju Oyemade for his significant contributions to the Christian community, he delved into profound insights on faith and its role in achieving the seemingly impossible.

Faith and Marriage: A Spiritual Connection

He emphasised the importance of believers having both visible and invisible helpers, drawing parallels to the spiritual significance of marriage. According to Dr. Ogbueli, a woman plays a vital role in a believer’s life, akin to the work of the Holy Spirit.


The Law of Faith and Creation

Dr. Ogbueli continued his discourse by exploring the theme of faith in accomplishing the impossible, referencing Hebrews 11:1-4. He revealed a scripture given to him by the Holy Spirit for the year: “Sit until God makes your enemy under his footstool.” The minister highlighted the concept that all visible things emanate from the invisible Word of God.

The Dynamics of the Law of Faith

Elaborating on the workings of the law of faith, Dr. Ogbueli shared insights into the law responsible for accomplishing miraculous feats. He urged attendees to learn this law if they harbour dreams and goals, emphasising that faith begins where God has made a provision, promise, or command.

Grace and Faith: A Symbiotic Relationship

Dr. Ogbueli stressed the complementary roles of grace and faith, stating that grace makes provision while faith ensures appropriation. Drawing on the spiritual and natural realms, he discussed how things exist in both spheres and encouraged believers to exercise faith in what Jesus has made available.

The Apple Farm Story and Manifesting Results

Illustrating the concept further, Dr. Ogbueli shared a personal anecdote about apple farming, correlating farm seasons to spiritual principles. He emphasised the temporal nature of visible things and the eternal nature of unseen realities. Drawing a connection to God’s creative process, he urged believers to use their words to create desired outcomes and accompany them with corresponding actions.

Scripture Reflections and Application

The minister led the audience in a reflection on Genesis 2:7 and 1 John 5:14-15, emphasising the importance of aligning prayers with God’s will and ensuring that one’s words cover the desired outcomes. He urged believers to use their words to create realities and employ corresponding actions to manifest them, cautioning against starting with personal plans and seeking God’s blessing afterward.

The 5 Laws of Faith/Conviction

Dr. Ogbueli elucidated the five laws of faith and conviction:

  1. Communion: Establishing fellowship with the Lord through prayer and worship.
  2. Revelation: Receiving a Rhema word in the place of prayer.
  3. Conviction/Faith and Believing: Nurturing the conviction within the human spirit.
  4. Confession: Speaking words aligned with one’s faith.
  5. Action: Accompanying faith with corresponding actions.

The Ever-Increasing Faith and Manifestation

Dr. Ogbueli concluded by highlighting the concept of faith as an ever-increasing force. He emphasised the importance of corresponding actions, distinguishing between the work of faith and toiling work. Rhema, he pointed out, produces convictions that lead to manifestation.

In conclusion, the morning session under Dr. David Ogbueli’s teaching provided deep insights into the transformative power of faith, offering practical steps and spiritual principles for believers to apply in their daily lives. As the event progresses, attendees are poised to gain a deeper understanding of the profound truths shared during this enlightening session.

Dr. Ogbueli’s messages are available on https://elibrary.insightsforliving.org/, YouTube and Spotify. Download and listen for free!