DAY 7: Morning Session 2 with Dr Bill Winston

DAY 7: Morning Session 2 with Dr Bill Winston


“You have to have big thinking and let God be God in your life. Let him do exceeding greater things that you can imagine.”, said Dr Bill as he started his session this morning. He revisited Isaiah 51:1-16 and read also from Acts 1: 1-8

“Power” in Acts 1:7-8, he said, is translated “Dunamis; miracle-working abilities”. He then charged the people saying, “We are to reign in life. A king only says something once. Anybody that has spiritual power controls economic and political forces. This is why the devil doesn’t want you to know who you are. You can’t make decrees if you don’t believe you are a king.” He shared from Romans 5: 17, Micah 5: 2, Luke 2: 1 – 7, Job 20: 28 while explaining this truth.  

He went further to teach that Genesis 1:26 says what we should do on the earth and Genesis 1:28 says how we should do it. Dr Bill explained that the blessing empowers you to do what God called you to do. {“The blessing is the name God gave the power he used to create the world and you have to receive the Blessing by faith. The Blessing is on you to make you fruitful. It removes barrenness.” 

Dr Bill taught from Gen 1: 11, Luke 8: 11, Gen 15:3 and Matthew 12:34 – 35 that in the beginning words were made more for creation than for communication. God gave Adam words to manage the earth. Every seed produces after its own kind. This seed is the word of God. God takes heaven seed and puts it in you so you can bring forth heaven on earth. When Adam sinned the curse was released and the only thing that can stop it is the blessing. This blessing is on you. For you to manifest the Blessing, what we believe is what has to be overcome first.  

He encouraged everyone to look within. He said, “If you are not producing inside you become a consumer and have to source everything from outside. You need to start planting the seed now because you don’t know how God will take you there. None of this works without love.” Luke 6:20, Matthew 14: 15 – 16, Ephesians 1:3, 2 Kings 4:1-2, Mark 4: 14

He went further to say that the kingdom is in you to produce for you, lead you to, to bring to you everything you have need of in the world around you. The bible is your inventory. Read the scriptures and walk in it not laugh about it.

He prophesied saying, “You will see things you have never seen before in your life and make demands. Whatever you see is what God will give you.”