DAY 7: Evening Session 1 with Dr. Cindy Trimm

DAY 7: Evening Session 1 with Dr. Cindy Trimm

Dr Cindy Trimm has been of tremendous blessing to the congregation at WAFBEC 2020. Her sessions throughout the conference has been on fourth revolution, industry shift, the new phase of industrialization and how Christians can be game changers like Joseph and Esther.

She has had the believers at WAFBEC put on their thinking hats and refocus their strategies for skills development and capacity building to ensure their relevance in the new phase of human existence. 

Tonight was her last session at WAFBEC 2020. She started by reading Esther 4:13-14. She explained that most people miss their divine timetable because they feel they aren’t qualified enough.

“Any good thing that must be achieved”, she said, “takes place out of your comfort zone, and instructions given by God will be birthed in season. You don’t want God to give you an opportunity and you wait too long and missed the divine timetable. God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the call.”

She continued with Isaiah 66:8-10. According to her, a person’s pain points can be his or her prayer point. “God has given everyone an assignment which is attached to their brands.” She pointed to the Holy Spirit as the Christian’s brand identifier. She also encouraged believers must define their brand.

She went further to explain that a person need not leave the marketplace to birth this anointing. According to her, “All you need to do is pray that God gives you a standout brand. Make you exceptional to be ignored.”

She prophesied that in this new decade God will cause His children to improve their performance. She said that Christians ought to know that when the scripture says they are the light of the world, they are either the light or in the spotlight. And when they are in the spotlight they must shine others. 

Will is more powerful than skill. Christians must be willing to allow all of God’s greatness birth in their lives. Dr Cindy Trimm declared a new consecration of will upon the congregation and encouraged them to give room for heavenly contractions that will make them prophetic intercessors and ignite their ability to pick up prophetic promptings on the next thing God will do. 

Drawing her sermon to a close she prophesied that God will raise industry specific midwives. “Christians are moving from demonic-oriented to being Christ-oriented. They must understand the need to develop their innovative skills. 

“God will raise industry innovators in the body of Christ.” She prayed that God will birth in this generation those who will own the earth and the body of Christ will not miss this season this time.