Day 6: Morning Session 1 Pst Jerry Eze

In his characteristic style, Pst Jerry Eze started off by leading the congregation in a moment of praying in tongues to charge the spirits of participants.

He alluded to the upper room experience in Acts 2 which according to him is similar to an event like WAFBEC. His major concern was the next chapter, that is what happens after WAFBEC. It’s important to go back and take some time aside by yourself to simmer down what you have heard. For some people it’s a meeting, while for some others it’s a mountain of transfiguration, he said. 

And so he began reading from Acts 3:1, and read all through to verse 10. He pointed out that this whole thing he just read happened at the time of prayer. Prayer time is shift time, he said. Without prayer you will just be imitating the strategy of the world and what will eventually be melted. In the place of prayers, insights are received and keys are released. 

He continued by saying these guys (Peter and John) had just come from a meeting, just like WAFBEC, and so they challenged what had always been normal – the lame man at the beautiful gate. And so they gave the lame man what they had – the restoration of his legs, in the name of Jesus. 

As a kingdom man or woman, you’re pregnant – you’re carrying nations in your womb. There were conceptions that happened in the course of the meeting. And that pregnancy has shifted and changed you, he said. Understanding that in the kingdom, the more you deliver, the more you conceive. 

Any meeting you go that doesn’t birth in you a sense of responsibility has just motivated you, he charged. They caught a sense of responsibility while they were in the upper room. And so you should leave WAFBEC with a sense of responsibility as a kingdom man or woman. 

He also mentioned that the kingdom is not about positions but about assignment. Peter and John didn’t have positions in the temple but they carried out their divine assignment. People without a pedigree can carry the kingdom, he said. Even the useless donkey that prophet Balaam rode on was restrained by what it was seeing and eventually opened its mouth to talk. (Num 22:23 – 25) “Don’t respond to pressure, respond to what you heard, respond to your revelation.” 

He urged participants to go back after the meeting to pray. “You’ve been pregnant for too long and it’s time to enter into the place of intense prayers to birth it”, he said. God wants to release a lot more and so he needs a man to receive the seeds in their wombs. He also charged that as we leave here, our neighbourhood and spheres of influence should know that we are carrying fire. 

He emphasised the need to guard carefully the pregnancy in our wombs. He urged that we do not fight but choose to look stupid to men for the sake of what we”re carrying on the inside. 

In rounding off, he also spoke about two pregnant women, Mary and Elizabeth from Luke 1:39 – 42. Mary’s greeting caused the baby in the womb of Elizabeth to leap. What you are carrying should activate what’s inside of others. And Elizabeth in that moment began to prophesy and bless Mary. Thereafter, he led the congregation in a time of intense prayers.