Before he commenced teaching tonight, the whole congregation celebrated Bishop Tudor Bismark in advance of his 63rd birthday, which will be in a few days time. They all sang a birthday song while cutting a lovely cake. He felt happy and overwhelmed.

Thereafter, he introduced the title of his message to be ‘Everything is About to Open.’

Again, tonight was a night of prophecies. His first declaration was “2020 as a year of Openings”. He went ahead to confirm the following areas in his prophetic declarations; Opened Scriptures – the opening of understanding of the Scriptures for listeners. Luke 25:35 and 1 Cor. 2:5

    1. Opened Books – He prophesied that God will open the books unto the congregation and that they will discover who they are and what they are supposed to do. Daniel 7:10, Luke 4:17
    2. Opened Eyes – He read from Gen 21:19 and prophesied that God will open up the eyes of listeners to see the mountains they are supposed to take over, and that has Elisha in the Scriptures prayed for God to open the eyes of his servant to see the heavenly armies surrounding them, that theirs also will be opened.
    3. Opened Ears – From Psalm 40:6, and Isaiah 50:5, he explained that God desires to have his children hear what He is saying. Prophesying that this year is a year where we not only hear but also understand.
    4. Opened Mouth – According to him, “We are in a season to define our lives by the words we speak, a time to open our mouths and speak the word of faith. He admonished that congregations must not be quiet, but to open their mouth and speak everything God has promised about them because a man becomes what he speaks. Ezekiel 24:27, Ezekiel 33:22
    5. Opened Wombs – Bishop Tudor prayed the opening of wombs and the delivery of all good things carried. Gen 29:31
    6. Opened Window – The servant of the Lord prayed for the window of opportunities to be opened unto the congregation, to pour down and flood over. He, however, warned that the congregation should not stop but to keep on asking until something happens, to keep on going to the judge for vengeance, until it emerges. He prayed for the congregation to keep on pushing and never to stop requesting until their joy is full. 2 Kings 13:17-18
    1. Opened Doors. He prayed for open doors for the congregation. Open doors for marriages, for the fruit of the womb, for financial breakthrough, for new beginnings, for career advancement. Declaring that God is opening several doors that cannot be closed. By this time, the atmosphere was charged with faith and it’s intensity could almost be felt. 1 Cor. 16:9 and Acts 16:26
    2. Opened Gates – Bishop Tudor prophesied that gates are opened unto every one in the house and that not only your gates but also that of the heathen. He declared a financial breakthrough into the house. Nahum 2:6, Isaiah 12:3. Reading from Gen. 41:56 the preacher declared that the storehouses are about to be opened and ships from around the world will bring in goods and men are giving into our bosom.
    3. Opened Treasures – He read Matt. 2:11, and declared that this year, treasures are about to be opened. He told the congregation to declare that wise men are coming and they are bringing treasures. 
    4. Opened Graves – Referencing Ezekiel 37:13, he said that all that the devil has buried – the vision, the hope and valuables of the congregation – are all about to be resurrected. ”The graves are opening and the treasures are coming forth, what you forgot and thought you lost are all coming forth now”.
    5. Opened Heavens – He declared that the heavens are open over the heads of the people. He went ahead to declare upon the church of God, a season of open heavens, to experience amazing testimonies like never before.
    6. Opened Armouries. He says further that God is about to open armouries for his children, especially to those who have been fighting battles. He declared that the battles are over and that from now there is peace from all the enemies. He prayed that God is releasing Angels on our behalf to open doors of treasures and armouries unto us.
    7. Open Store Houses – Bishop Tudor speaking as the mouthpiece of the Lord, declared unto the congregation that everything is opened unto them. He thereafter led the much stirred up congregation to pray as such.

Sensing in his spirit, Bishop Tudor declared this month as the birth of many amazing testimonies, especially that of the opening of wombs. He, therefore, prophesied September this year 2020 as a period of the baby boom and of the delivery of many twins. He also declared September as the official establishment of businesses in this ministry.