Day 6 Evening Apostle Joshua Selman – Sound The Alarm

Apostle Selman began his session by saying the assignment of faith is to give an expression for that which is on the earth.

He mentioned some things that must be present for God‘s visitation:

  1. Encounters
  2. Transformation
  3. Power of God and His Love
  4. Impartation
  5. Fellowship

He said there are seven sounds which is a capture of everything God has done in WAFBEC 2023

  1. The sound of supernatural manifestations. Joel 2:  Genesis 1:1-2. Creation is not just limited to making something out of nothing. It makes visible that which is already in existence. Genesis 1:20-21. It takes the hand of God to filter light out of the darkness. He said we should be careful about what we call a disaster because it might be our deliverance lies. Ephesians 1:3 admonishes us to approach things from a position of victory. It takes faith and obedience to make it settle here.
  2. The sound of Deliverance. Exodus 13:14 – deliverance is important because there is always someone negating the will of God in your life and you need to be separated from them. Deliverance comes hand in hand with judgment. Exodus 14:24-27
  3. The sound of Victory. Joshua 6:5  Victory is connected to diligence. Victory is connected to shouting. You can shout your way into victory. 1st Chronicles 15:1. Psalm 118:15. The administration of God’s power is within his will. Scripture is the boundary of God to the believer. The basis of relating with the believer is the modus operandi of the scripture.
  4. The sound of Favour and Abundance. 1st Kings 18:41, 2nd Kings 7:1-11 People succeed because of the favor of their life. Uncommon Kindness, access, acceptance. Exodus 3:21, Esther 2:15, Psalm 44:3. The hand of God must rest upon you as concerning his favor. God blesses men through men. Men can redefine the possibilities in your life. There are some enemies that you need to pray for a favor to pass, but you can’t remove them.
  5. The sound of Restoration. This means bringing back to order or the pattern as desired. There are two things we can lose, things and time. When you lose time you have lost, however, God restores both. Whatever eats up your time has eaten up your destiny. God gives restoration and speed. Ezekiel 37:10, Job 42:10. 
  6. The sound of Healing. 2 Kings 5:1-14.The healing ministry is God’s commitment to maintaining your longevity. The revelation of God’s love, his power, and his commitment to keeping my body sound. 
  7. The sound of the Outpouring. Acts 2:1- 3. The outpouring always comes with salvation. Acts 2:39 There are seasons called set times but if you activate your faith it can come forth. There should not be a delay in anything that has to do with salvation. 

Apostle Selman ended his session by leading the congregation to a shout of victory calling forth our desires to manifestation!