Day 6 Evening Apostle Grace Lubega – Beginning From The End

Apostle Grace mounted the pulpit and thanked Pastor Poju and his wife for the privilege to speak on the exalted platform.

He began his session by reading John 18: 37 after he explained that Jesus came from the end of things. This means that Jesus lived his life depending on what was already written and concluded about him. He stated that this is the way believers are supposed to live.

He stated that the problem of the world is a problem of language because, in the beginning, everyone spoke the same language. This is the reason people go to school to learn a new language that can help them live a higher life. These languages come in the form of mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. This new language helps us to be able to build and invent.

Some things have become the pattern of your life but that was not how God designed it to be. But because you are living with a lower level of language, it looks like the norm. Adam and Eve didn’t understand lack because lack came as a result of the fall – corruption.

Pastor Grace further stressed that God has not called you to move with people but to get to the end of all things, then come back and carry men along. This, he said, is how ministry should be. There is a place for available men whether they are ready or not, but this is not the pattern that God has created. For instance, God designs nations but the boundaries are not the same boundaries that have been set by men.

If you understand the language of God, you would know that He has called you to have dominion, to replenish the earth. If you have this understanding, it would be easier to walk in the fullness of what God has called you into.

He stated that you need to know that your future is your past and live that way. That was why Isaiah saw a revelation of Jesus as the one who was already chastised for our transgressions and wounded for our peace, not someone who will be chastised.

You do not possess your possession from a place of confession. Your possession has always been yours. When you confess, you are only manifesting it. Whether you confess it or not, it has always been yours. When the bible talks about the eyes of our understanding being enlightened, there are two lights involved – the light that God has sent and the light that illuminates your heart to see the light that has been sent.

In 2 Peter 1:2, the bible referred to the epignosis which is the knowledge of what God has already done. God wants you to come to him as a person who has a prognosis; a person who has already received what he has promised you. This is why Paul said, “with thanksgiving, make your request…”, not “make a request and then give thanks”. God has revealed this to you, not that He is going to reveal it to you. 1 Corinthians 2:10-11. There’s something in you that the world has not seen yet.

In the plan of God for your life, he has not set out 5 steps that you should follow to get to the end, he has given you the liberty to draw the boundaries of your life and design your expected end. Jeremiah 29:11.

Apostle Grace rounded off his session by calling everyone up to prayers.