Day 6: Afternoon Session 1 Pst Andy Osakwe

The congregation received the ministry of Pastor Andy Osakwe for the third time at WAFBEC 2021 with so much joy and a huge applause.

Taking over the microphone, Pastor Andy starts by appreciating the Senior Pastors of the Covenant Nation, Pastors Poju and his wife Pastor Toyin Oyemade for yielding to the spirit of God and allowing God to use them to impact lives not just in Nigeria, but all over the world. He also acknowledged the other ministers present at WAFBEC.

Delving right into the message, Pastor Andy starts to talk on the royal authority of believers. Stating that the royal authority is the believer’s voice activated, this is because kings reign in speech. He encourages the congregation to talk with authority, because Satan has no choice than to listen to a voice of authority.

He says there are three important voices, and the voice of Satan is not even one of those. According to him, these voices include –

  1. The voice of God
  2. The voice of the prophet
  3. The voice of the believer

Reading from 2 Chronicles 20:20, where the children of Judah had some challenges and threats from unbelieving nations, causing King Jehoshaphat to declare a fast. In his prayers, the king asked the people to believe in God, and believe in his prophets.

‘’Believe the Lord your God and you shall be established, believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.’’

Nothing breaks a man who has put his faith in God’s word, this is because God’s word remains unshakable and unbreakable.

Going further, Pastor Andy states that those three voices are happening at the same time to a believer. This is because a believer is supposed to speak in accordance with the word of God (voice of God) and the prophetic voice. He buttressed that from Hebrews 13:5, where it says ‘God said, so we can say’. We are not just supposed to read the Bible, we are supposed to say what God says about us in his word. In the same way, a prophetic word should compliment what God says about us also.

Pastor Andy states that the voice of God is the foundation, the voice of the prophet is the sub structure, while the voice of the believer is the structure itself. This is why the believer has a huge role to play in the manifestation of the promises of God.

He added that submission to the voice of God and the prophetic voice gives efficacy to the believer’s voice. When you speak, follow your word with faith, so your faith will guarantee what you’ve said will come to pass.

The preacher admonishes the congregation to be in a position of faith, as he is going to be prophesying according to what the Lord has told him. He encourages the congregation to be excited about the word of God, stating that the proof of believing something is excitement in it. Excitement helps you to be positioned for the manifestation of God’s promises.

Then he went ahead to speak the words of prophesy.

“2021 will be special, God is going to make up for whatever you lost in the year 2020’’.

“This month of January is your month of supernatural supply – supply of favor, supply of funds and supply of force!’’

‘’2021 is your year of revival!’’

”There is a mighty wind of the spirit and as the wind blows great things will begin to happen, great works, great harvests, great perception.”

Going further, he prophesies three harvests to expect in 2021 ….

Harvest of finances, harvest of miracles and harvest of souls. He went on to say the harvest of souls is connected to our harvest of finances and harvest of miracles.

“God is going to replace some old things, and old systems, and He is releasing new things – new relationships, new cars, new houses, new equipment, new ideas, new structures.”

He gave the example of Kenneth Copeland many years ago who dared to believe God for a new aircraft, which was not at all common at that time. About that time, Kenneth Copeland sat inside a new aircraft enjoying the smell of new, he heard God laughed. When he asked God why He laughed, he discovered that God was excited that he was bold enough to ask for a brand new airplane.

Thereafter, he continues the prophetic declarations –

God is going to heal relationships that look impossible, and at the same time, he is terminating some counterproductive relationships. There are some people who won’t go ahead with you again based on where God is taking you to. Just as the story of Abraham and Lot.

He also prophesies that God is moving some people’s businesses from local to global. ‘’You are about to hit the global market, they will look for you from far places and ask about you from far places.’’

“God is bringing accelerated progress. You are about to overtake those who went ahead of you with the arms of the flesh, you will overtake them by the arms of the spirit. You will run faster by the arm of the Holy Ghost.”

“By the end of this year, the Holy Spirit says there will be the orchestration of monumental change in status level. Some people will not understand the speed they will experience by the end of the year. It can only be through divine orchestration.”

“God is bringing healing, and cycles of illness will be wiped out. The sickle cell disease will be among what the lord is talking about, God will heal his children of the illness.

He reminded the congregation that now, they are the most important voice in their lives. This is because the Lord has spoken and His prophet has confirmed it as well.

He went further to say the voice of the believer is not just in talking, it is also in shouting, as well as laughing.

He prophesies that somebody is about to smile to the bank and laugh out of the bank.

“God is escalating his presence and his power in your personal lives and this is going to lead to the supernatural manifestation of the spirit of God. Your spiritual eyes, nose and ears are about to be activated.”

“The Lord says: I am bringing disruption in many of my people. They will break off their comfort zone and find full expression.

There are mind boggling appointments that will lead to mind boggling testimonies. Several people are going to receive phone calls, starting from this evening and intensified by next week.”

” The Lord also says: I will cause you to laugh in the midst of all the problems that will happen this year, you will be laughing. Darkness will intensify, but as the Lord had said ‘arise and shine for your light has come.”

When he was done with pronouncing the prophecies, the atmosphere was heavy with the presence of God and the congregation was excited and charged. Pastor Andy then invites the worship team to lead the congregation in high praises to seal the prophesies and receive its manifestations.

The congregation rejoiced and celebrated over the word received; they sang, danced, laughed and shouted in victory. In all, it was a faith-lifting session in the presence of God.