Day 5: Session 8 – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s second session at WAFBEC 2016, was the last session for day 5 and titled Crossing the Measuring Line. Teaching and prophetic utterances were the order of the service with manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit.

Your measurement is about to be a wastage, because the city God is about to build is going to be so big God will have to be its measurement.

You will cross every line of limitation that your parents did not exceed.

What took some people 10 years God will give you, this year

Sometimes the enemy will draw lines and say you can’t exceed here, but this year, by the prophetic mandate at this conference, you will exceed those lines!

Limitations that you know — and the ones you don’t know — they begin to fall off your life.

A limitation is anything restrictive or any lack of capacity. God will remove all restrictions and increase  your capacity this year. A limitation is a handicap or an impediment; an inhibition;something keeping you from or making you unable to reach. But from tonight, heaven will give you grace. Where you never thought you would reach or even enter, God will take you there.

What took your fathers a lifetime, God will give you in no time.

Life is like a rapidly rushing river, if you don’t move, it won’t wait for you.

Something which has created a constraint or a ceiling over you, telling you how you can go — from today God is taking you to new levels.

Many of us use language that puts us down. But from now you will cross the measuring line.

You are created for favour, for victory, for testimony, for blessing! Don’t let nobody put you down.

Your dreams will not die with you.

The biggest battle that fights delivers — the Goliath that most refuses to fall, is the Goliath of financial limitation.

If the measuring line on a man’s life is not removed in the spirit realm, he will never break free and move forward.

What used to be your father’s boundary will be your beginning.

Don’t accept any limitation people put on you. Push the boundaries!

Never go to men all the time beaten down by life. Get up and say, this is the day that the Lord has made!

Today’s excellence is tomorrow’s ordinary.

You will reach the unreachable, and pursue with passion every dream God has placed in your heart.

Who you see determines who sees you, who you hear determines who hears you.

Some of you need a re-positioning or you won’t get the positioning we need. If you don’t relocate, you won’t get the allocation you seek.