Why you should study the Word of God

Why you should study the Word of God

On day 2 of WAFBEC 2013, Rev. George Adegboye shared on the vital importance of studying the Word of God and its impact on our lives as christians in this faith walk, below is a quick recap;

An ignorant believer is not much different from an unbeliever

Below are some reasons why people don’t study the Word of God

1. They haven’t been taught how and have refused to teach themselves how to

2. They are lazy, it requires hard work, concentration, time & energy to study God’s word

3. They lack the appetite for the Word of God

4. They don’t prioritize the study of the Word of God

5. Satan hinders them from doing so

6. They don’t set goals for studying God’s word

Why should you study the Word of God

1. Because it has been commanded and you are expected to do so

2. So that you may know God

3. So that you may know the truth

4. So that you may grow

5. Its God’s provision to equip us for life

6. It’s God’s primary gift for direction and guidance

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