Day 3: Session 3 – Rev George Adegboye

Rev George Adegboye taught on the topic: What Does God Expect from Me? Mark 4:35-41 God expects us to have great qualities that bring delight to the heart, qualities that produce enjoyment, excitement and that beautifies our lives. Our lives should be beautiful. Isaiah 33:17, Psalms 27:4, [...]

Day 3: Session 2 – Pastor Darrell Huffman

Pastor Huffman continued his insightful teaching on faith and the steps that accompany it. Romans 3:12, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:8-17, 2Peter 1:1 Faith is not just for small things, we should us our faith for everything. You need to come to the revelation that you already have the measure of [...]

Day 3: Session 1 – Dr. Bill Winston

In his last session at the West Africa Faith Believers’ Convention, Dr Winston continued teaching on the Blessing and also delved into what ownership means to the child of God and how it ought to affect his lifestyle. The blessing guarantees a lot to the believer. The blessing covers the [...]

Day 2: Session 7 – Dr Bill Winston

Dr. Bill Winston once again took to the stage and showed how the Blessing God pronounced on Abraham is the same blessing that was on Adam and is on the born-again believer today and how to walk in it and produce results. The just shall live by faith, not every now and then but as […]

Day 2: Session 6 – Rev. Scott Webb

Rev Webb continued expounding on the topic of faith and how believers ought to function and live by faith and also what the rest of God means to the believer. Ezekiel 36:26-28, II Corinthians 5:17-20. The words “heart” and “spirit” are used interchangeably in these [...]

Day 2: Session 5 – Pastor Olubi Johnson

Faith For The Last Days Pastor Olubi Johnson shared on what the believer should be using his faith for in these last days and this goes beyond acquisition and getting our needs met. Heb 11:3, 1Peter 1:9, Matthew 13:33, Acts 14:22 There is an emphasis by God on what we should be using our faith [...]

Day 2 – Session 4: Pastor David Beebe

Pastor Beebe took to the WAFBEC 2014 stage on the second day and shared insights in our inheritance and work for God and His kingdom. Heb 9:11-15 & 17, Deuteronomy 28 We’re workers together with Christ and it is important that we cooperate with God and the Holy Spirit in all things using [...]

Day 2 – Session 3: Pastor Darrell Huffman

In his second session at the ongoing West Africa Faith Believers’ Convention Pastor Darrell Huffman continued teaching on faith, the Word of God and His power and how they all work together. Isaiah 10:27, Luke 4:14, 5:17-18, Acts 1:4, 10:38, 4:29-31 Romans 8:14. The power of God must be [...]

Day 2 – Session 2: Dr. Bill Winston

In his sermon Dr. Winston taught on faith, the blessing and how to walk in its manifestation as a child of God. Isaiah 51:1-16, Acts 10:34-35, Mark 4:36, Romans 12:3. 2Thessalonians 1:3 There is no future tense in faith…faith is in the NOW! Part of the reason why people miss faith is [...]

Day 2: Session 1: Rev Scott Webb

In his first session during WAFBEC 2014 Rev Scott Webb delved into what faith really is, how it should be used and the result it should produce in our lives. Mark 11: 22-25, Mark 4:3. 10, 13-14, 24 & 26 Having faith in God has no practical meaning if you don’t have faith in His […]