Day 6: Panel of Discussion with Pastor Tony Rapu, Reverend Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya & Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

Various questions were directed at the ministers and they took turn in answering them individually or collectively as the case may be in some instances. Q: Rev Sam, what did you do after you prayed and God called you, did you immediately launch into your ministry? What were the steps you took? [...]

Day 6: Session 6 – Rev Scott Webb

At the start of the Holy Ghost service Rev Scott Webb opened the scriptures to remind us of what the Holy Spirit has come to do in us and on our behalf. John 15:7, 14:1-15 It’s our job to let His Word abide in us, but it’s the Holy Spirit that will help us abide […]

Day 6: Session 5 – Dr Chris Tunde Joda

Dr Tunde Joda gave his final sermon on day 6 of the WAFBEC by speaking on The Favour of God. In our lives and faith walk we need the revelation of wisdom. Wisdom has several meanings and definitions and some include: the ability to judge what’s true; having insight; judicious application of [...]

Day 6: Session 4 – Pastor Andy Osakwe

In his second session at the West Africa Faith Believers’ Convention Pastor Andy continued on the topic of Control and how crucial it is for believers to exercise it as a lifestyle. Jesus came to give us back control. God will not away control from you because he is a God of order. It is […]

Day 6: Session 3 – Pastor Tony Rapu

Pastor Rapu took to the stage and set it ablaze during his session. This is your season of velocity. This is your season of momentum. In this battle of life as a believer you don’t fight to win but from a position of victory! The victory has already been won. You’ve been called to walk […]

Day 6: Session 2 – Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

When Pastor Taiwo took to the stage he said he would preach part two of the message Rev Sam Adeyemi (the first speaker for the day) just gave and finished. Eph 3:14-21, 2:19, 3:8, Acts 7:9-10 Favour stirs up dreams. It also attracts affliction…many are the afflictions of the righteous. [...]

Day 6: Session 1 – Rev Sam Adeyemi

On the final day of the West Africa Faith Believers’ Convention, Rev Sam Adeyemi set the ball rolling and continued from the thoughts he left us with the previous night. Hebrews 11:3 A creator is one who has the capacity to bring things into existence. God wants us to know and feel the joy of [...]

Day 5: Session 8 – Rev Sam Adeyemi

Rev. Sam started by reiterating what Pastor Poju said, “God is moving us from defining faith to applying faith”, and that God is closing up the large gap that exists between the spiritual reality and our physical reality in Nigeria. The title of his inaugural sermon on the WAFBEC [...]

Day 5: Session 7 – Rev (Dr.) Chris Tunde Joda

Whilst speaking at his second session of the West African Faith Believers’ Convention, Dr, Joda spoke on the topic Keys to the Miraculous. Part of the pursuit of our lives is to experience God i.e. the presence of God is everything we need. Every believer has “world overcoming” faith. Our [...]

Day 5: Session 4 – Dr David Beebe

Once again Dr. Beebe took to the WAFBEC 2014 stage and spoke about faith, the tongue, what you say and how all these things tie up in our faith walk. Hebrews 8:1, 13:15, 8:3, 1John 1:9, Romans 10:9. Don’t work-up the power; just work-up the agreement. When you do the possible God will do [...]