Day 8: Session 7 – Pastor Efe Obuke

The parable of the ten virgins tells us that half of them were foolish. Why was this so? They lacked oil. The basis of your wisdom or foolishness is your pursuit of the oil, that’s the dividing line.

Oil in Scriptures symbolises the Holy Spirit. It signifies the ability of the Holy Spirit to enable a man. It is an empowerment. You do not collect Oil…you buy it.

There is a price to pay to get the Oil in your life (Isaiah 55:1). You must sacrifice your comfort and make a bold commitment to God. Your pledge paves way for supernatural manifestations.  What would your commitment to the Word be after this conference? What would your commitment to love, prayer or evangelism be? When men have needs, they look for the man with answers (supernatural manifestations) not the one with titles. Job 22:29-29, Acts 18:18.

Men that walk with God are men of the gospel. What is your decision about the Word you have heard? That is the price you have to pay for your own Oil. Vows are voluntary but when you have a revelation of what God has in store for you, you must make a covenant with Him to protect it. In Ecclesiastics, we are told that once we make a vow, angels are released.

There is a price to pay; a commitment to make to the gospel. You cannot increase for Him to increase; you decrease so that He will increase. Make a commitment to God today. Make a vow regarding what you have heard and learnt from His Word. If you are diligent in it, you will soon have tangible manifestations of the supernatural.