Day 8: Session 1- Pastor Bill Winston

Dr Bill Winston’s last session at WAFBEC 2016 was on the topic Your Heart and Your Faith (2nd Timothy 3:16).

We all come into the kingdom of God with ungodly thought patterns because prior to being saved, our hearts were influenced by our environment and belief systems. We all therefore need correction.

2nd Timothy 3:16 tells us that God seeks to correct these ungodly heart conditions through His Word. This correction is important because you don’t go any further than the image in your heart. Whatever the image, that is where you gravitate towards. Our hearts determine our direction.

If a man continually remains in lack, there must be an image of lack in his heart determining his direction.  Whatever is in abundance in your heart, you will produce in your life.

This is the reason we need to feed on the Word. Once you start engaging the Word of God, you begin to remove the old images in your heart. You begin to replace them with images from God’s Word. The Bible says that a good man out of the good deposits of his heart brings forth good things. The best of deposits are found in the Word of God.

According to Joshua 1:8 one effective way of engaging the Word of God is by meditation. Meditation enlightens your heart so you can see what God is saying. (Joshua 6). God can only give to you as far as you can see.  You therefore must first see it to have it. You can only believe what you see. You can only receive what you believe.

Meditation helps build your desires. (John 5 :1-10) The enemy wants to keep you from desire because when desire hits you, you get great faith. There is something God has placed in you that is waiting for your desire. God wants you to have it and have it right now, but you have to stir it up on the inside if you are going to have it show on the outside.

God doesn’t want you to leave the earth without His promises fulfilled in your life. But you have to take it by faith!
You have to make a decision to engage God’s Word. Plant it in the soil of your heart so that it can produce results in your life.

Always remember, whatever Jesus has got, you can get!