DAY 8: Morning Session 2 with Dr Bill Winston

DAY 8: Morning Session 2 with Dr Bill Winston

Dr Bill started reading from Isaiah 51:1 -4. He expounded the Word during most of his teaching. Ezekiel 36:33-36, Romans 5:17, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Luke 5:1 were other scriptures he started teaching with. While reading from Isaiah 51:1 -4, he explained that God wants to create heaven on earth. 

He pointed out that righteousness is the very nature of God. According to him, “Faith rises automatically if understanding of righteousness increases. People don’t see themselves as God sees them. “Because of this”, he said, “God can’t work through them.” He added that Jesus is developing in the congregation the sense of sonship, a sense of righteousness through the Holy Spirit. 

He spoke about the time Peter heard the word of Jesus. He explained that his faith was released after hearing the word. According to him, this word is the rhema. He read from 2 Kings 4:4, Isaiah 57:15, Luke 5:1

He related this subject to the concept of space and time. He said, “space and time does not exist in eternity. Anything that will be already is in existence. Nothing new is being created. As a believer your job is to bring what has already been created into this 3-dimensional time driven realm. Anyone operating without faith is imprisoned by time and has to wait for time. If you live by faith, it suspends time and reaches into the eternal, takes hold of what has been created for you and brings it into this 3-dimensional world. Instead of time dictating to you , you dictate to time.”

He dug deeper into his message using 1 Samuel 17:46, Amos 9:13, and John 11:20 – 24, 39- 44. He explained that there is no future in faith. There is only now. “Satan is in time and if we operate within time satan has access to hinder. To be fruitful you have to operate outside of time. Faith will allow you to not only decree what will happen it will also tell time exactly when it will happen and time must bow its knees. Faith puts you into the unseen realm, take the unseen and bring it into the seen realm.”, he added. 

As he closed his teaching, he read Matthew 8:20, Mark 7:24 , Romans 1:16, He taught that real faith declares what will happen and when it will happen. Faith was given to man to function in the fallen world. “The idea of dominion over time is to make time no longer a dominant force. The Syrophenician woman moved what was in the future into the present with her faith.”, he said, while compounding on the concept of space and time. 

He admonished everyone to start changing the situations by decreeing over them. “Get God’s thoughts”, he said, “and begin to decree.” Things start moving and you may not fully understand it. Just decree what you want to happen.