Day 8: Holy Ghost Service – Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

The last session for WAFBEC 2016 was handled by Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade and he started by stating three things identified by Kenneth E. Hagin that ought to characterise a Holy Ghost meeting. Those ingredients were, the teaching of the Word, the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and Joy. Pastor ‘Poju also said needs would always be met at the expression of joy.

Romans 14:17 says that God kingdom consists of three things -righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost! The Holy Spirit can do more in a few minutes than anyone can do in a lifetime and the tool He uses is joy (Jeremiah 15:16, Isaiah 55:9-12). Whenever people break into joy, the supernatural happens. Express joy in the Holy Ghost even when the manifestations you desire are not evident. (Psalm 4:7). Joy is the spiritual equivalent of anything you desire. You can experience joy even in the privacy of your room. It is not just singing, it is rejoicing in the revelation of the Word.

Put on a new garment i.e. the raiment of praise. Joy doesn’t follow the harvest, the harvest follows joy. It is important that we express joy in the Word we have received throughout this convention. Satan battles to stop God’s people from entering into joy because once they get in there, everything changes. When manifestations drop or reduce, it is actually the level of joy that has dropped. Any business or marriage that is falling short in productivity lacks joy. Your level of joy determines your level of productivity (Lamentations 5:4-16). Once joy hits the Word, the Word begins to bear fruit.

Many prayerful people do not get results because they have not rejoiced in the Word (the promise they received). The way to get the harvest is by rejoicing in the truth you have received. Consider the parable of the prodigal son. The elder brother had the promise but did not rejoice in it. The younger brother who squandered his father’s money, returned and immediately got into joy. The manifestations we seek begin after we praise God and rejoice in His Word.

Psalm 67:1-6, 2 Chronicles 20:22, Isaiah 42:10-14.

We express joy in three ways – laughter and singing, dancing and a shout. Laughter can destabilise demonic operations. Laugh because of the potency of God’s Word in your life. Laugh your enemies to scorn. Despise them with laughter for the Joy of the Lord is your strength. Job 5:32, Psalm 2:4, 2Kings 19:21.

You can also rejoice in a dance. Dancing activates the supernatural. God’s revelation is the tune we should dance to not the sound of music. 1Samuel 2:1 (MSG) ,Psalm 119:75,2 Samuel 6:1-22.

Add a shout to your praise. It is another way of showing joy. The children of Israel did this a lot in battles against their enemies and God stepped in (Numbers 23:20-23). Shout for you have triumphed in Christ Jesus.

Through praise, joy and rejoicing, He works out our mistakes to our favour. The voice of joy and rejoicing always moves heaven. Rejoice in the revelation you have of the Word. Shout! Leap for joy at His Word over your life. Rejoice as one who has found great spoil. 1Corinthians 15:50-54.