Day 7: Session 8 – Dr. Bill Winston

Dr. Bill Winston ministered once again at the on-going West African Faith Beievers’ Convention at the Covenant Place. The topic for the last evening session for the seventh day was From Faith To Faith.
SCRIPTURE:Romans 1vs16
To live by faith means that whatever we do, we apply faith to it. We are to use our faith like a mechanic uses his wrench, it is our real profession. God expects us to use our faith on purpose so that we can make things happen that in many cases cannot happen without faith.
The world is coming to a time where the problems in the world can only be solved by people of faith, we have to grow our faith. In the scriptures, we will see examples of different levels of faith, God gives to every man the measure of faith, our faith is to grow from one level to another (Romans12:1 -3).
We just can’t hear the word and think that faith will grow automatically, we have to put it to work (James1:24-25). A lot of the time, people don’t do the Word because they do not mix it with faith (Hebrew 4:1-2).
Jesus is the author and perfecta of our faith, He works with us to develop our faith. The enemy wars against our faith and so, for every step we are going to take, we will have to fight the good fight of faith.
Adam operated in a level of revelation in the beginning, he had discernment, we need to operate in that level of revelation/discernment to take a step of faith, the Holy Spirit helps us in this, He helps us discern.Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, we need to mix the Word with faith, we need to mediate, and meditation transforms our belief and takes it to another level.
The Word of God is a seed, we need to plant the seed by meditating on it (the word). Faith is hard work,we have to work on our faith, and when we meditate we begin To do this we will see images inside us and this grows our faith.
Psalm 62:5, our expectation is from the Lord, when we don’t expect from God we get frustrated and God does not want a mixture, He wants to be our only source.
Every time God leads us from one level to another, He expects the word to be made flesh in us, He expects us to do something to validate that level. Life is in levels and with every level there is a test that needs to be passed. We are transitioning, and the transitioning is from our flesh to our heart. God is going to take us from our flesh to another level and we have the faith to make it happen!
The just shall live by faith, faith is the only thing we can use to stop the devil from stopping us. The one and only thing satan is coming for is our faith, we have to contend for our faith! Whatever God is going to deliver into our hands we have to decree it.
Satan’s job is to put us on a treadmill and make us earn our living, with God, we work but the earning is of grace. God is ready to pay us more than we are worth. When we are blessed, it makes no difference what the situation is around us, whether it’s economic meltdown, the wrong people on your team etc. everything works out for us because we are the blessed of the Lord.
We should stop saying what the situation looks like on the outside but what is written, Jesus overcame satan by saying ‘’it is written.” We should train our spirit to bring to pass everything our mouth says.

When we confess the Word of faith, God gets involved, God watches over our word and brings it to pass. Be careful what words you speak because God watches over the word to bring it to pass (Isaiah 55:11).

Don’t try to feel your faith, faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God, pray the Word of God and not according to your feeling.
Don’t try to save your faith, spend it. With faith you can work it whenever you need to.
Mark 4:35, we have to work our faith, every time you take a step you have to fight the good fight of faith. Faith  is a rest, faith works while you are asleep, have faith and go to sleep.
The world is waiting on us, we have to go from faith to faith and go out into the world to speak the word in faith!