Day 7: Session 7 – Rev. Mark Hankins

Your celebration is a demonstration of your expectation. When the Lord turns your captivity, your mouth will be filled with laughter. This laughter is a demonstration that God has turned things around.God sits in heaven and laughs!

Laughter must be our attitude. The devil is used to being respected, we must learn to disrespect him by laughing at him even in the face of challenges. In the atmosphere of joy miracles happen. This is because joy is the serious business of heaven. Rejoice! While you’re laughing and rejoicing, there’s a power working in you. (1 Peter 1:8-9, James 1-5).

If you will shout, laugh and rejoice in the face of the devil, things will begin to change. Jesus got your healing for you over two thousand years ago, so keep laughing even when the devil throws strong challenges.

The fight of faith is one we can always win. Resist fear and doubt. Rejoice to strike terror in your enemy’s camp.┬áThere’s a blessing you receive when you dance in the Holy Ghost. The Lord turns your mourning into laughter

It is time to move a level up in faith and joy.