Day 7: Session 4 – Rev. Efe Obuke

The Gate of Heaven

In the account of Genesis 28:16-17 Jacob was at the stairway of heaven – a place where angels ascended and descended and he did  not know it.  Likewise, in our lives as believers, we may not notice that God dwells in us. In fact, judging from the evidence on the outside, it may not look or feel like it.

But, we are God’s temple and He lives in us. The gate of heaven is in His dwelling place i.e. the temple. Like every other gate, the gate of heaven can be open or shut, it all depends on whether or not we recognise it.

According to Proverbs 20:27, the spirit of man is the candle of God. When it is dark, nothing gets done. Darkness brings everything to a halt. Where a candle or power source is lit, it dispels every darkness. God wants to light our spirit which is his candle.  When lit, He expects that we dispel darkness, but the state of our candles (spirit) determines this. The brighter the candle, the greater God can and will accomplish through us.

The gate of heaven is kept wide open when we feed our spirit man with the Word. You cannot afford to ignore your spirit man. You cannot afford to ignore the Holy Spirit. He alone through the Word lights up your spirit man. And when your spirit man is lit, you have access to all the resources of heaven.

Your spirit man is the gate of heaven into the earth.  Leave the gate open for God to step in every time, anytime and anyhow. The supernatural is that easy! Just follow your inward witness. Obey the nudges or promptings in your spirit. The same way you know you’re a child of God is exactly the same way you know things that happen in and around you. You know by the inward witness. You may make mistakes initially but the more you practice and obey nudges promptly, the easier and more accurate you will become.

Open your gate wide.  Do not worry about missing it. Do not worry about your reputation. Practice the things of the Spirit. As you work it, you will get the hang of it. Miracles are easy to deliver. We are not ordinary people. We are light to the darkness in this world. We are the candlelight of the Lord. Accept the Word of God. Don’t close your gate. Always act on promptings immediately. Intensify your light. (Psalm 119:105).