Day 6: Session 9 – Dr. Mike Murdock

Dr  Mike Murdock took the last session on day 6 of WAFBEC. As usual he taught on wisdom and shared extensive insights.

Proverbs 4:7

Wisdome is the ability to recognize difference. Difference in people, opportunity, consequence and rewards, good and evil, today and tomorrow.

Understanding is knowing the value of the difference.

Honour is rewarding people for their difference.

Until you master answering questions, you cannot master life.

The first currency God gave was time. And you have to learn how to invest and trade with it.

The only place you will ever be is ‘today’. If you cannot handle today, you cannot handle the future.

Wisdom is knowing the difference between what your responsibilities are and God’s responsibilities. Your decisions and God’s. Your tasks and God’s.

Where there is honour, there is favour.

Sowing is a lifestyle. Your words are seeds for sowing.

God doesn’t use time to change seasons, God uses decisions.

Listen for the sound of pain. Pain is an opportunity to solve problems.

Every step towards self sufficiency is a step away from God.