Day 6: Session 6 – Pastor Inyang Okutinyang

Pastor Inyang continued on the topic of FELLING THE GIANTS IN YOUR LIFE he commenced since he began teaching at the West African Faith Believers’ Convention 2016 edition.

After giving some words of knowledge concerning certain attendees at the Conference, Rev. Okutinyang continued his teaching from his last session. He stated that people were blessed in the Old Testament times because of what Jesus was going to do and that people have been blessed from the New Testament times until the present time because of what Jesus did. Our future is therefore taken care of.
Referring to 2nd Corinthians 4:13, He pointed out that the Spirit of faith that God used to create the world and to raise Jesus from the dead is the same spirit that we have today. We are therefore believers by nature.
Rev. Okutinyang emphasized that what we believe is more powerful than what we know: when we board a flight, we believe that the pilot is able to fly us safely to our destination, without knowing who he (or she) is or what his actual flying qualifications are. He also mentioned a video making the rounds on the internet in which a prankster, dressed like an Arab, throws a backpack in the midst of a crowd of people and runs away. The people, believing (without knowing) that the backpack contains a bomb, run for their lives. Therefore, if you act on what you believe from God’s word, you will rule the world. However, you will miss it if you wait for facts to prove it since you don’t need faith to believe anything you can prove by your natural senses. This is why we can have pain in our bodies, yet believe that we are healed or have no money in our account, yet believe that we are rich.
Referring again to the story of David and Goliath in 1st Samuel 17, Rev. Okutinyang pointed out that as David went to the Israelite army’s camp, he did not know that he would meet and defeat Goliath. However, David first won the war of words when he got there: he spoke of his victories in killing a lion and a bear as a shepherd and that he would do the same to the “uncircumcised Philistine.” Many Christians today are defeated when they lose the war of words, but David’s words stood him out and led to his being anointed king.
Rev. Okutinyang said that many of us believe without question the promises of help made to us by wealthy or influential people, but rather, we should boldly declare what God has said about us (Hebrews 13:5-6), which is what David did. If we learn to be bold in our confessions, our faith will work faster. He gave the example of a quarrel between his daughters, during which the younger one claimed to be older than the elder one. The younger girl made the declaration so boldly that her elder sister actually went to ask their mother if it was true, even though she had been aware of the birth of her younger sister!
Rev. Okutinyang concluded the session by stating that when we stand boldly and confidently on God’s word, He will move heaven and earth to meet our needs.