DAY 6: Evening Session 1 with Dr. Bill Winston

DAY 6: Evening Session 1 with Dr. Bill Winston

Since this year’s conference began God has been exceeding the expectations of attendees by giving unprecedented utterance to ministers, powerful declarations, insights into futuristic events. This year is undoubtedly birthing relevance of Christians in policies, governance, innovations and emergence of corporations. 

Tonight, Dr Bill Winston spoke on fruitfulness. He said, “If you aren’t fruitful it’s not because the kingdom isn’t in you. It’s because you have refused to fulfil the four instructions in Gen 1:28 – Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish the Earth and Have Dominion on it. 

He showed how the enemy keeps belief systems in the heart of people because he knows those with wrong thinking can’t defeat him. He explained that an important point to note is for believers to know that they are creators and their tool for creation is their words.

According to him, “Mark 11:23-24 is the tool to having all your desires, when you say it, do not doubt. There will be a waiting period but do not doubt.” he reiterated.

While closing his sermon, Dr. Winston reiterated assuredly without doubt if believers cultivate the habit of saying the right words, He charged everyone, Do not settle for less in God. Remove contaminated seeds of hurts from your soil and turn it to God. Stop worrying about how God will do it. Refuse to eat bad seeds through wrong beliefs. Understand your rights and privileges in the kingdom that lives in you. Walk in Love, and you will reap the abundance of wealth and dwell in peace.