Day 6: Afternoon Session 2 Pastor Yemi David’s – The Restoration Process

Speaking at the afternoon session on the final day of WAFBEC 2021, Pastor Yemi Davids of Global Impact Church Lagos commenced his sermon with praise after which he said when restoration comes shame is done away with. He reassured that whatever people have lost in the past even beyond 2020, God is able to restore. However, there’s a process to the restoration. And that was the focus of his teaching. There is what to do to be healed so the miracles, signs and wonders will be retained, he said. Like the bible said, wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our times.

Quoting Luke15:17 the very step to restoration is realization; like the prodigal son who realised he is a prince yet lived like a pauper, but when he came to himself, he said; ‘how many of my father’s servants have so much to eat that I perish here, I will arise and go to my father’s house’. When an individual realises there is a gap in their growth process and decide to do something about it. There must be an adequate action to receive restoration. There is need for holy anger within in order to change any situation.

In Proverbs 26:2, he went further, for every situation there is a fundamental cause. Retracing is what aids restoration. For every time you experience a delay in life ask God questions through prayers of enquiries. It is better to ask God what is to be done to be saved than shouting Lord please save me.

Citing examples of those who had to pray inquiring prayers when sudden stagnation was in their lives and received instruction. John10:10, though Satan’s plan is to steal, kill and destroy, Pastor Yemi prayed that every hidden instruction of God will be uncovered in people’s lives so they can have right diagnosis of their peculiar situations. These root causes are very different for people, for some it’s the way they treat their spouses, others it could be how they treat their in-laws, business partners, it is not cast into stone but as a believer when after fasting and praying, casting out all demons and yet no change, we must make inquiry prayers.

Speaking on qualifying our soil, and quoting Jonah1:15 he said; hypothetically, sponsoring Jonah will ground your life. We must be sensitive to our soil. A great seed in a wrong soil will still not prosper.

Declaring restoration, breakthrough, and transformation, Pastor Yemi reassured all we prayed for God has answered us but we must be able to recognize it when it shows. In Isaiah9:6 a replica of what this connotes, the Jews expectations of their king wasn’t the manifestation hence they reject him when he showed up.

We must pray that the answers the Lord has brought our way he helps us to recognise it. This is an important prayer we must pray. In the wheat lies the bread. It might appear insignificant yet very great. Like Naman, 2Kings5:10-12 his answer didn’t look like what he expected and he almost missed his healing. When we pray, we must stop telling God how we want the answer to manifest. It’s possible to throw away what God has sent to us because they don’t look like what we expected; it takes spiritual recognition not to miss this, and so let’s be careful, he admonished.

Quoting Heb13:2, Pastor Yemi encouraged us to practice hospitality. Imagine if Joseph had despised his fellow prisoners. We must practise hospitality, it’s a tool to greatness. Like Rebecca in Gen24, Rebecca would have missed a major destiny encounter had she been rude or unwelcoming to Abraham’s servant. We must learn to honour people even if we are older. Someone is watching you that is capable of blessing you. We must learn the practice of speed. Not hurrying but delivering as at when due. Be an extra miler.

He also pointed out from the Gen 24 account the need to be fit. It takes someone fit to do what Rebecca did for the servant and the camels. The greatness and restoration we are aspiring will require sound health, we must pay attention to our health. Watch what you eat. We need soundness of mind.

In continuing, he urged that we practice courtesy. Also understand that there’s a wise way to handle issues. Don’t lack discretion like John the Baptist who wasn’t careful about how he corrected the king. Be like Nathan who allowed David pass his own judgement by himself. Wisdom helps us handle issues properly.

Pastor Yemi Davids encouraged us to maximise the ministry of angels. Heb1:14, the angels made Abraham’s servant journey easier.

Bringing the service to a close, he emphasized on the power of praise. Sing!!! Isaiah55:1. Sing! there is power in praise. Sing with intensity. Stop murmuring and complaining. Give thanks, five loaves and two fishes will feed five thousand people to overflow when we praise. He closed.