Day 5: Session 4 – Pastor Efe Obuke

Pastor Efe Obuke once again taught at the workshop session during WAFBEC 2016. This session was a teaching about the Conscience and how it works with the Word of God through a believer.

¬†‘What do I do?’ is the most important and most consistent question you will be asking all through your life. ‘What do I eat?’, ‘where do I go?’, ‘what do I wear’, ‘who do I marry?’ etc are all variants of the same question. The answer you give to this question determines the trajectory of your life. Where you are now is as a result of the answer you have so far given that question.

Your first step in answering that question is important. No matter the challenge, the problem is not as important as knowing what to do to tackle the matter. There is a system of order and a system of submission to authority. It is our duty to understand and submit to authority if we desire to have an impactful life.

There are three dimensions to you – spirit,soul and body. Each entity has a voice and talks to you. The body talks to you through your feeling. Your soul speaks through your reasoning and your spirit through your conscience.

1 Corinthians 2:11

All three dimensions of man have an interpretation of who you are and they seek to enforce it. However, the highest authority in your life after God is your spirit, the human spirit. Your spirit communicates by your conscience and the information you receive from it is authentic.

In John 8:7-9, the accusers of the woman caught in adultery were convicted of their own sin by their conscience. When Jesus spoke to them,they realised that if they went on with their earlier resolve to stone her to death, they would be working against their conscience.

The word ‘conscience’ stems from a compound word i.e. co-science or co-knowledge. It speaks of knowledge obtained from two sources i.e. what you have internally and what you encounter externally. Your conscience speaks to you on the basis of the standard of God or on the basis of the standard of life you receive. It registers and impresses on you whatever you accept into your life as truth. It is the voice of the human spirit and we must train it with the Word of God. We must learn to submit ourselves to the authority of our conscience.

Many people trade their conscience and this keeps them from developing in the Word of God. Your conscience is God’s way of keeping you in the Word. Whenever you shelve the demand of your conscience, you are trading it.

Your conscience keeps you maturing in faith. It is key.

Acts 23:1

Paul lived in all good conscience. Your conscience if kept, will take you to your destination.

Acts 24:16

Practice submitting to the authority of your conscience. Train your conscience in the Word. Let your conscience model and guide you to good works. Submit your feeling and reasoning to the authority of your spirit.