Day 5: Evening Session 2 Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo speaks on our dominion mandate

The Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre charged believers at his first session at WAFBEC with his message titled ‘Reigning in Life, Your Dominion Mandate’. He shared on the need to transfer from a world life into a relationship with God. His anchor text was Gen1:28 where God commanded creation to manifest certain attributes of himself. Being born again goes beyond ditching old habits, it’s a dominion mandate, he said. As Christians, we are kings, and like the Yorubas call their kings ‘Kabiosi’ meaning ‘the unquestionable’ kings don’t suggest things, they make decrees and speak things to life an attribute we all must manifest.

Proceeding in ardour he explained that this kingship is beyond the purchase of material things, its soaring above issues or circumstances, being in charge. It’s the reason Jesus said greater works than he did we will do. Its our right to be all God wants us to be irrespective of circumstances. God’s intention is for us to rise. When we were created God decreed 5 powerful words he said. These words are:

  1. Fruitful
  2. Multiply
  3. Replenish
  4. Subdue and;
  5. Have Dominion

These words are not suggestions they are commandments, pastor Matthew reassured. The first Adam lived in the realm of God before sin came, this was because in Adam’s DNA was engraved the five instructions of God. Though we lost this empowerment through sin; we recovered it at calvary and believers must come to the recognition of that he charged.

Be Fruitful! He continued, fruitfulness can be likened to productivity and productivity as a three-word syllable PRO-DUCT-TIVITY, PRO meaning ‘in favour of’ and DUCT a passage way for things we have waiting to manifest. We are channels through which great things should manifest. Our nations are expected to be great because we exist. We are fruitful because we are channels that favours flow through.

God expects us to be fruitful, Pastor Matthew continued. This is beyond birthing children, but mind children. Great ideas, life transforming ideas. Africa must stop birthing physical children alone and start producing mind babies. even Jesus cursed a fig tree that was fruitless Mark11:4.

Gaining momentum, he spoke on multiplying and how like plywood which is folds of woods piled to form a whole i.e many plies. We are expected to multiply, and that include having multiple streams of income. He alluded to the four rivers that watered the garden of Eden and said that an individual should have at lease four streams of income. One stream is never enough. Adam had four and one of the great benefits of working with God is once you carry out one thing, three others manifests, and more and more as you go.

On replenishment, he explained that the word ‘RE’ in English means to do again. We are expected after been productive through fruits, we multiply by restocking, we must take our ideas, work on it and refill what was made empty, refreshing where there is dryness. Human are either earners or owners we must make a choice of our ‘NERS’.

When Pastor Matthew touched on subdue, he explained subdue being a military term means conquering. Believers ought to conquer the world and their businesses must take territories. Encouraging people to conquer territories, we must spread abroad and go beyond all limitation. To subdue is to overrun the place, we must overcome our limiting imaginations and enter into places we thought we never could. If truly we must manifest God’s kingdom, we must subdue the economic realm. There are problems around us that we must solve and problem solvers are wealth carriers. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo operating in the prophetic declared fruitfulness into the lives of people.

On dominion, God commanding us to have dominion gave us divine authorization and mastery of our lives and circumstances. It is having pre-eminence in life, the exact embodiment of God in us. We are a God carrier and must stop point up when asked where heave is, we are heaven carriers. The same way a consular irrespective of age carries the authority of the representing country we carry Gods power and must manifest his likeness.

Closing with Matt3:2, he pointed out the word ‘Repent’, RE- To do again, Pent – like pent house which is at the top. We must come to the top again to get a better sight and function as God originally designed that we function. He closed by praying and declaring prophetically over the congregation.