Day 5: Afternoon Session 2 Pastor Efe Obuke

Pastor Efe Obuke began his session by recapping where he left off in his previous session. He spoke about how Adam was created in a world that is perfect but he let sin come in, and then death invaded earth. Fear, terror, rebellion are some of the results of the entrance of death into earth. In God’s mercy, He had to show up to offer a sacrifice, in other words he showed man a place available to negotiate his victory – the place of priesthood. Gen 3:21

He went further by reading from 1 Sam 30:1 – 8. David and his men lost everything they had in one day because of the plunder of the enemy, and so they were broken and shattered. David however plugged into that place where changes and answers come from – he requested for the priest’s garment, the ephod. The ephod had the urim and the thurim, the instruments of defining direction for the priest. David stepped into the priesthood and got direction.

We must understand how to enter that place of priesthood to reverse the circumstances of our lives, he charged. In the days we live in, it’s important to learn how to receive direction and engage the blood and sacrifice to be able to survive the onslaught of darkness. He buttressed that point by sharing a testimony of how he escaped an accident because earlier that day, in the time of prayer, God already showed him the plate number of the bus he should take.

Your negotiating power is in the sacrifices and the blood that you bring. That was what Elijah understood before he called down fire on the altar; he simply repaired the altar and stood in his priesthood. “When the right person brings the right sacrifice and brings it rightly, there’s always a response”, he said. Abel did the same thing and his blood still speaks even though dead.

You cannot win in this world without your place as a priest. God formalised that priesthood office in the time of Aaron. The covenant must be backed by priesthood. It’s why we wage warfare with prophecy – it’s priesthood.

Today we don’t have urim and thurim in our breastplates but for us, out of our bellies flow rivers of living water”. Any situation you want to change, simply enter your priesthood and bring sacrifices to God. Prayer is one of the sacrifices we bring; praise is another. Ps 50:5

He rounded off by leading the congregation in a time of offering the sacrifice of praise to God and ministering to people’s diverse challenges by demonstration of the Spirit.