A Celebration of Faith – 45 Days to #WAFBEC2014

A Celebration of Faith – 45 Days to #WAFBEC2014

To activate Faith in the real sense we cannot be caught up in a mirage of the truth. We need to soak up the word to access God’s mind on any matter. As believers never has it been more important to buckle up and take our place.

The truth is many believers are caught up in the standards the world sets, when we do this we become complacent; accepting anything the enemy throws. We cannot afford to live beneath the life that we have been called to live, the life Christ died to redeem.

Faith is not an option for us; it is to be our way of life. If you are a believer you already are on the path of Faith because to receive and enjoy the verities of Salvation we have to activate Faith. But we must continue on the path and develop our spirit man by taking every opportunity to imbibe the word of God, grow in truth and act in Faith for every situation big and small.

The West African Faith Believers Convention (WAFBEC) has served to birth a season for a proper approach to Faith and the Faith Walk for every believer, not just in West Africa but throughout the body of Christ. A very significant time has come for us all and we ought to embrace our responsibility to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

We are called to a life of Faith and by grace we will walk by it.

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